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Tummy Care

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Tummy Care is a special blend of  natural ingredients that have been traditionally used to help speed metabolism, support digestion, boost energy and reduce bloating.


Peppermint (leaf), Lemon Balm (leaf), Liquorice (root), Dandelion (leaf and root), Cleavors (leaf), Fennel (seed), Green Tea (leaf), Caraway (seed), Cardamom (pods).


Peppermint can help calm the stomach muscles and improve the flow of bile which is effective at relieving digestive problems such as upset stomach and indigestion. Research shows that taking peppermint tea as an herbal remedy might help with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which is a common digestive tract disorder that is characterized by digestive symptoms like stomach pain, gas, bloating and changes in bowel habits.

Lemon Balm may have a positive effect on your digestion as it helps relieving abdominal pain and discomfort. It may also help relieve feelings of nausea. Lemon balm may also be used to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and ease stress.

Liquorice has a sweet taste and has been used in traditional Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Greek medicines to soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation, and treat upper respiratory problems. Licorice root is often used to relieve symptoms of indigestion, such as acid reflux, upset stomach, and heartburn.

Dandelion may protect against liver damage and disease. Dandelion is often used in traditional medicine to treat constipation and improve digestive health. Traditional herbal medicine uses dandelion for its diuretic effect based on the belief that it can detoxify certain organs. Some compounds in dandelion may decrease triglyceride and cholesterol levels, both of which are key risk factors for heart disease. Chicoric and chlorogenic acid are two bioactive compounds in dandelion that may help decrease blood sugar levels. It may also reduce inflammation, thanks to certain compounds such as polyphenols.

Cleavers enhances the function of the lymphatic system and improves its ability to flush out toxins, decrease congestion and reduce swelling. The diuretic action of Cleavers helps to flush out waste, toxins and excess fluid from the kidneys. Various studies have confirmed the hepatoprotective effect of Cleavers. It does not only protects the liver from damage, it helps it to heal with its cleansing properties. Cleavers diuretic properties coupled with its soothing, demulcent action make this herb ideal for calming and inflamed urethra. Regular drinking of Cleavers tea can act as a preventative measure for the incidence of recurring urinary tract infection.

Fennel stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes that improves your digestion. Fennel seeds contain anethole, fenchone and estragole that act as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. They work wonderfully for constipation, indigestion and bloating. Due to its excellent digestive properties, as well as the fact that it is antimicrobial, fennel seeds are thought to aid in reducing gas.

Green Tea Regular sencha is a staple tea in Japan and it has been the subject of many studies. The benefits of green tea come from antioxidants. Antioxidants can fight free radicals and decrease oxidative stress. Due to its caffeine content green tea is thought to be very good for stimulating the metabolism. The rich blend of vitamins, minerals, caffeine, and antioxidants found in this green tea variety may make it very effective as an energy-booster. In addition to lowering the blood pressure, sencha tea is thought to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol levels.

Caraway boasts a wide variety of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, and fiber. It has historically been utilized to treat several digestive conditions, including indigestion and stomach ulcers. Studies show that caraway relaxes your digestive tract’s smooth muscle tissue, thus relieving indigestion symptoms like gas, cramping, and bloating. One of the most interesting properties of caraway seeds is their potential to help reduce chronic inflammation.

Cardamom boasts a strong, intense moutj watering flavor that is both spicy and slightly sweet. Cardamom tea may help accelerate weight loss by streamlining the body's digestive processes. Cardamom tea has long been used as a digestive aid to soothe stomach ailments including gas and bloating. have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated stomach muscles. This helps to prevent the contractions that cause stomach pains. Cardamom is a natural carminative, which means it relieves gas. Cardamom is rich in compounds that may fight inflammation which decreases the risk of chronic diseases in longterm.

Use Instructions

For optimum results and healthy regular bowel movement we recommend that you drink Tummy Care daily for a period of four weeks.


Use products as per instructions and always watch for any allergic reactions. If you have a food/herb/spice allergy, you should always carefully read all product packaging and labels. Always consult your physician or health care provider before using any herbal products, especially if you are pregnant or have a medical problem.

Peppermint can help with digestion and stomach pain but can worsen acid reflux. If you experience indigestion due to gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD you should avoid peppermint. It should not be taken with cyclosporine, a drug taken by organ transplant patients. It may also reduce the effect of medications metabolized in the liver or drugs that reduce stomach acid. 

Lemon Balm interferes with thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Avoid lemon balm if you have thyroid disease.

Licorice root has been shown to interact with several medications, including:
blood pressure medications, blood thinners,cholesterol lowering medications, diuretics, estrogen-based contraceptives
and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. People taking any of these medications should avoid licorice root products unless their healthcare provider instructs otherwise.

Dandelion might decrease how much antibiotic the body absorbs. Taking dandelion along with certain antibiotics might decrease the effectiveness of these antibiotics. Some medications are changed and broken down by the liver. Dandelion might change how quickly the liver breaks down these medications. This could change the effects and side effects of these medications. Dandelion contains significant amounts of potassium. Some "water pills" (Potassium-sparing diuretics) can also increase potassium levels in the body. Taking some "water pills" along with dandelion might cause too much potassium to be in the body. Taking dandelion might decrease how well the body gets rid of lithium. This could increase how much lithium is in the body and result in serious side effects. Talk with your healthcare provider before using this product if you are taking lithium. Dandelion might slow blood clotting. Taking dandelion along with medications that also slow blood clotting might increase the risk of bruising and bleeding. Dandelion might lower blood sugar levels. Taking dandelion along with diabetes medications might cause blood sugar to drop too low. Monitor your blood sugar closely.

Fennel might cause an allergic reactionin people who are sensitive or allergic to celery, carrot or mugwort. Some birth control pills contain estrogen. Large amounts of fennel might affect estrogen levels in the body. Taking fennel along with birth control pills might decrease the effects of birth control pills. Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic. Fennel might decrease how much ciprofloxacin the body absorbs. Large amounts of fennel might have some of the same effects as estrogen. Taking fennel along with estrogen might decrease the effects of estrogen. Fennel might slow blood clotting. Taking fennel along with medications that also slow blood clotting might increase the risk of bruising and bleeding.

Caraway might lower blood sugar. If you have diabetes and use caraway, watch your blood sugar carefully. The dose of the medications you use for diabetes might need to be adjusted. Caraway fruit extract might have an effect like a water pill (diuretic). Taking caraway fruit extract might decrease how well the body gets rid of lithium. This could increase how much lithium is in the body and result in serious side effects. Talk with your healthcare provider before using this product if you are taking lithium. Taking caraway along with some medications that are changed by the liver might increase the effects and side effects of some medications. Before taking caraway, talk to your healthcare provider if you take any medications that are changed by the liver. Caraway might decrease potassium in the body. Water pills can also decrease potassium in the body. Taking caraway fruit extract along with water pills might decrease potassium in the body too much.
Some water pills that can decrease potassium include chlorothiazide (Diuril), chlorthalidone (Thalitone), furosemide (Lasix), hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ, HydroDiuril, Microzide), and others.